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 In 2009 staff of the Institute performed research works within the bounds of fundamental research programmes of Presidium and departments of RAS (5 projects), Federal Target Programme (FTP) “The great oceans” (2 projects), FTP “Researches and и developments in priority areas of science and technology complex advance of Russia in 2007-2012” (2 projects), programmes of RF Ministry of economic development and RF Ministry of Defense (2 projects), economic contracts (8 projects), and international grants (6 projects).


FTP “The world oceans”

Subprogram “Research of the world oceans nature”

Project 2008-МО-5-08 “Comprehensive research of processes, characteristics of Barents and White seas resources”. Research supervisor – academician G.G. Matishov

Project 2008-МО-2-02 “Reserch of marine ecosystems and preservation technology development of biological resources of Russian seas under the increase of the influence on marine environment of natural and anthropogenic factors”. Research supervisor – academician G.G. Matishov


Federal Target Scientific and Technical Programme (FTSTP) “Researches and developments  in priority areas of science and technology complex advance of Russia in 2007-2012”

Programme actions 1.5 “Implementation of  problem-oriented searching researches and creation of scientific and technical backlog in harmonious exploitation sphere”

Project 2008-05-1.5-16-02 “Comprehensive methods development of preservation of populations of salmon fishes diadromous species exploited variety in nothern and Far Eastern regions of Russia северных и дальневосточных регионах России”. Research supervisoracademician G.G. Matishov.


Programme actions 1.8. “Conducting researches with the usage of unique stands and  facilities and unique objects of infrastructure (including observatories, botanical gardens, scientific museums etc.), scientific organizations and educational institution

Project 2009-07-1.8-00-04-035 «Behaviour research and research of pinnipeds sensory system overland under water in the “Experimental research complex “Murmansk oceanarium”(Oceanarium) installation”. Research supervisor – academician G.G. Matishov.


Fundamental research programme of Presidium

RAS “Fundumental problems of oceanology: physics, geology, biology, ecology”

Project “Anomality rates estimation of marine ecosysrems condition of European Arctic”. Research supervisor – academician G.G. Matishov.


Biological Science Department (BSD) RAS programme “Biological resources of Russia: evaluation of condition and monitoring fundamental foundations”

Project “Development of the monitoring condition foundations and population dynamics of Fucus – objects of Russian seas trade”. Research supervisor – Dr. of Biological Science G.M. Voskoboynikov.

Project “Monitoring of condition and dynamics of king crab population in the Barents Sea shore”. Research supervisor Candidate of Biological Science А.G. Dvoretsky.


Fundamental research Programme of Department of Earth Sciences RAS “Environment condition and prognosis of its dynamics under the influence of swift global and regional natural, social and economical changes”

Project “Ecological consequences of foreign organisms invasion in Barents and Black seas”. . Research supervisor Dr. PMakarevich

Project «Spatio-temporal dynamics of accumulation of radionuclides in the components of marine ecosystems (for example, the Arctic Sea and the Azov-Black Sea basin)». Research supervisor – corr. member of RAS D. Matishov


Russian Federarion Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Programme «Fundamental Scientific Research on Svalbard»

Project «Research of contemporary periglacial processes, glacial deposits formation, coastal bioresources, rookeries, habitats of seals and polar bears on Svalbard». Research supervisor – Dr. G. Tarasov


Russian Federation Ministry of Defense

Project «Yagnenok»-C

Project «Research on the use of marine animals – pinnipeds for search, investigation and lift of products on ground». Research supervisor academician G. Matishov


Radioecological Research

Project «Study of the radioactivity of the marine environment and biota in the areas of radioactive waste evacuation on Murman coastal area».